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Tulip Iliysky

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Tulip Iliysky (Tulipa Iliensis) - a species of tulip, belongs to the lily family, grows wild only on the territory of Kazakhstan. Perennial plant, height 10-30 cm, inflorescence color mostly yellow, with red stripes on all petals. The tulip is very beautiful, in order to see it and take a photo you will need to climb high into the highlands of Kazakhstan.

How to see, find -

Tulip Ili can be found and viewed in Kazakhstan, growing in the steppe and clay soils on the slopes, in the bushes of the Ketmen mountain range. You can also see a tulip in the Zhaman-Uy tract on the Asy mountain plateau, the valley of the Asy River. Ili tulip blooms in late April - May.

Information, description -

The Ili tulip is similar to another type of tulip, it is the Ferghana tulip ((Tulipa Ferganica), Kolpakovsky tulip (Tulipa kolpakowskiana Regel) and the Four-leaf tulip (Tulipa tetraphylla Regel). The flower was described by Eduard Regel in 1879, on the Ili River.

Ili tulip in Kazakhstan


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