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Naurzum Nature Reserve

Sights of the Naurzum Nature Reserve

Wildlife of the Naurzum Reserve

The Naurzum Nature Reserve, a biosphere nature park, was founded in 1931. This includes the forests of Tersek, Senisyn and Nauryzym, lakes Zharkol, Aksuat, Sarymoin. The reserve is rich in diverse wildlife: it is home to more than 40 species of mammals, about 250 species of birds, 3 species of amphibians and reptiles and about 10 species of fish. The territory of the reserve is inhabited by such animals as: hare, roe deer, badger, fox, marmot, etc. In the reserve you can meet birds whose numbers are decreasing from year to year, such as swan, bustard, white hawk, etc. The abundance of water sources in this area allows birds to arrive in the spring and nest on the territory of the reserve. There is a nature museum in the reserve.

Naurzum Nature Reservehow to get there

The Naurzum State Nature Reserve is located in the Naurzum and Auliekolsky districts of Kostanay region in Kazakhstan. GPS coordinates of the Naurzum Nature Reserve: 51°32'0"N 64°26'20"E

Naurzum Nature Reserveclimate, flora

The climate on the territory where the Naurzum Reserve is located is continental; winter is cold, harsh; summer is hot. Annual precipitation is 200-250 mm . The soil is sandy. About 700 species of higher plants grow here (pine, birch, aspen, meadowsweet, willow, aspen, etc.).

Naurzum Nature Reserve


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