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Alakol nature park and reserve in Kazakhstan.

Travel to Alakol nature park and reserve.

Alakol State Nature Reserve was created to preserve nature and rare animals. Located in Alakol district of Almaty region and Urjar district of East Kazakhstan region. The area is 65672 ha. The territory of the reserve is divided into 12 sections. Kazakh ornithologist E. Auezov during his scientific work in 1968-69. Found that a very rare relict gull nests and grows chicks in the reserve.

Alakol reserve-tourist information.

The islands in the reserve are ideal for grouping birds. Therefore, the reserve can be called a real "bird market." The reserve is very rich in wildlife. There are 17 species of fish, 2 species of amphibians, 14 species of reptiles, 324 species of birds and 33 species of mammals. There are 34 species of invertebrates. 16 species of birds (black grouse, magpie, partridge, owl, etc.) and Balkhash perch are included in the "Red Book" of Kazakhstan. It is also rich in vegetation (286 plant species grow). The reserve regularly conducts research on seven thematic projects. There is also a "Chronicle of nature." There is a "Museum of Nature", a small arboretum. A protective belt 2 km long was built on the border of the reserve. In 2004, a joint long-term project was launched by the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the UN Office in Kazakhstan. Alakol reserve plays an important role in the development of tourism.

Alakol Lake in Alakol reserve.

Alakol is one of the most beautiful lakes in Kazakhstan. The salt lake in the north-east of the Dzungarian Alatau is rich in mineral salts and sulfuric swamps. You can also see flamingo birds and 40 other bird species on Bird Island, which stretches 35 km along the lake.

Alakol nature reserve.