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Alakolsky Nature Reserve (Alakol park)

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Alakolsky State Nature Reserve-organized to preserve the nature of the mouth of the Tentek River and rare animals of the Alakol Islands. The territory of the reserve is divided into 12 sections. The nesting and incubation of a very rare relict Gull in the reserve was established by Kazakh ornithologist E. Auezov during scientific work in 1968-69. The islands on the territory of the reserve are ideal for group nesting of birds. Therefore, the reserve can be called a real "bird paradise". The reserve is very rich in wildlife. There are 17 species of fish, 2 species of amphibians, 14 species of reptiles, 324 species of birds and 33 species of mammals, 16 species of birds are listed in the Red Book of Kazakhstan.

Alakolsky Nature Reserve - how to get there -

The Alakol Nature Reserve is located in the Alakol and Urjar districts of Almaty region in Kazakhstan, near Lake Alakol. The distance from Almaty to Lake Alakol is 600 km. GPS coordinates of the Alakolsky Reserve: N46°11'00" E81°47'00"

Alakol Nature Reserve - information for tourists -

The Alakolsky Reserve is of great importance in the development of tourism. You can come to the reserve and observe birds here and take photos of them, which is called ornithological tourism, it's about like a safari in Africa, only you watch birds in the reserve. On Lake Alakol you can observe pink flamingos during their migration and many other rare species of birds and birds listed in the Red Book of Kazakhstan. The reserve is also famous for its lake Alakol, on the shore of the lake there is an infrastructure for recreation, guest houses and hotels.

The reserve is rich in vegetation (286 plant species grow here). Scientific research works on seven thematic projects are systematically carried out in the reserve. Also spelled "chronicle of nature". There is a "nature museum", a small arboretum is organized. A protective belt with a length of 2 km has been built within the boundaries of the reserve . Since 2004, a joint long-term project of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the UN mission in Kazakhstan has been implemented.

Alakolsky Natural State Park Reserve


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