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Alakol Lake

Traveling from Almaty to Lake Alakol -

Lakes of Eastern Kazakhstan -

Alakol Lake is a natural attraction of Eastern Kazakhstan. Alakol, translated from the Kazakh language, means motley or multi-colored lake. The water in the lake changes its color depending on the illumination of the sun and changes in weather: when the weather on the lake is clear, the water in the lake is blue, when the weather is cloudy, the water becomes light gray. When the wind blows on the lake, the water also changes its color, and it begins to shimmer in different colors. Lake Alakol, half fresh and the other half salty. The lake is considered healing.

How to get there -

Alakol is located in the northeast of the Almaty region, and part of the lake is also located in the Abay region and Zhetysu region.
GPS coordinates: 46°10′N 81°35′E

Information for tourists -

A tourist infrastructure has been built on Lake Alakol; the lake is very popular among the local population and guests from abroad. There are guest houses and hotels where you can stay on the lake and in nearby villages, or you can stay on the lake in your base camp, which we will bring with us. On the western part of the lake there is the resort village of Koktuma and on the eastern coast the village of Kabanbay, in both villages you will find places to stay. The altitude at which the lake is located is 347 meters above sea level. The water temperature of the lake in summer is 26 degrees, the lake is suitable for swimming and relaxation, and the water in the lake also has medicinal properties.

Healing properties of Lake Alakol -

The water in Lake Alakol is sea, healing, salty, the composition of the water is similar to the water of the Black Sea. The water is sodium chloride in nature, and there is also therapeutic hydrogen sulfide mud on the lake. The water of the lake has a beneficial effect on the skin, and the air on the lake also has a beneficial effect on the respiratory system. Mud baths are used on Lake Alakol to treat the musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular system, and nervous system.

Lake Alakol in Akmola region


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