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Zerendi lake in Akmola region, Kazakhstan.

Travel to Zerendi lake.

Zerendi is a closed lake in the Ishim basin.

Zerendi Lake geographical location.

Zerendi lake is located in the Zerendinsky district of Akmola region. The nature of the lake is very beautiful, it is surrounded by low mountains with dense pine trees. On the southwest coast are holiday homes, summer camps for schoolchildren.

Zerendi Lake hydrography.

The area is 11.9 km2, the length is 6.1 km, the width is 3.8 km, the depth is 4-4.8 m. The height of the south and south-west coast is 10 m, the height of the west coast is 4 m. The southern coast is cut by ravines. The water is fresh and potable. The surface of the lake is completely open, only 100-150 m off the coast is covered with reed. The bottom of the lake is flat, sandy, and rocky. The lake is surrounded by a sandy and sandy beach. Near the village of Zerendi, on the northeastern coast, above the beach is a granite exposed massif that in the distance resembles a giant beach. Flat-angle rocks have a diameter of 1-3 m, the flat side when looking at the lake at an angle of 20 degrees is pressed against each other.
The shore of the lake is treeless, low (up to 4 m). However, sometimes peaks or cliffs 10-30 m high are found on the south and south-west coasts. The southern half of the coast is covered with pine and birch forests, the main part is arable land.

Zerendi Lake is a legend.

Here is a legend about the origin of the name Zerendi Lake. “A Cossack detachment follows the Petropavlovsk-Pavlodar route, which is called the“ Bitter Strip ”, to build a village. At night, no one knew if it was a lake or a river. Next to them was a camp of a Kazakh shepherd. When they want to know if it is a lake or a river, they think that they are looking for Kazakh land. In the morning they saw a lake, and the forest was a good place to build a village. Then the village was called Zerendi. That was in 1824.

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