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Lakes and Rivers in Yereymentau mountains, Kazakhstan.

Travel to Yereymentau mountains from Nur Sultan city.

The mountains of Yereymentau, which are located in the Akmola region, are easily accessible. Here is a very beautiful and unusual steppe nature.

Lakes and rivers in Ereymentau mountains.

In the mountains of Yereymentau there are a large number of small picturesque lakes of large and small rivers. There are approximately 15 or more lakes here. The main lakes are called Toygankol, Tandykol, Maykol, Kumdykol, Bozaygyr, Koblankol-Azhybay, Tlembet, Korzhynkol, Teniz, Kobeituz, Taipei, Shoptykol, Balykhty, Kairakty, Aschykul, Turgai, Kaskiakat, etc.

Flora and fauna Ereymentau mountains.

Also in this territory is the artificial reservoir Seletinsky. There are over 20 small and small rivers that are also very attractive and beautiful. In summer, in July and August you can swim in them. In lakes that do not dry out in summer, fish such as crucian carp, ide, mackerel, tench, pike, perch, ruff, burbot are found.

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