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Kok-Zhailau Mountains Tract

Places for active recreation in the mountains of Almaty

Kok-Zhailau mountain trails

Kok-Zhailau is a mountain tract, a place for active recreation and mountain hiking with an overnight stay and without an overnight stay for one day. The place is very popular, from Kok-Zhailau you can make different hikes to different locations in the mountains of Almaty, these are local peaks and control points to which hikes are made, for example, the Three Brothers location. You can get to Kok-Zhailau from two sides, or rather gorges, this is the Small Almaty Gorge and the Big Almaty Gorge. Lovers of light mountain hiking make the transition from a Small gorge to a Large gorge through Kok-Zhailau, this is the easiest mountain crossing.

Kok-Zhailauhow to get there

The Kok-Zhailau tract is located in the mountains of Almaty at an altitude of 1500 meters above sea level, between the Big and Small Almaty gorges, in the Ile-Alatau Park, in Kazakhstan.

Kok-Zhailautourist information

Kok-Zhailau in translation from Kazakh means "Green Pasture", the place is very popular among lovers of mountain hiking and active lifestyle. A mountain route passes through the Kok-Zhailau tract, which covers local locations located in the tract. From Kok-Zhailau, you can make various kinds of hikes, for example, on Three Brothers (a group of rocks and a control point located higher up the gorge), from this location a beautiful panorama of the city of Almaty and its surroundings opens. From the Three Brothers location, a mountain trail leads to the upper reaches of the tract and will lead you to Kumbel Peak. The route is not difficult, but it requires the necessary training and the skill of riding in the mountain estnos at altitudes above 1500 meters above sea level.



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