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Boszhira panorama number #1 in Mangystau region, Kazakhstan.

Excursion to Boszhira panorama #1.

In the tract Boszhira there are several panoramic points, from these points we can see local beauties. These points are located on highlands and offer stunning views of the surrounding area. Panoramic point number one is located in the center of the Boszhira tract. The exact location, Karakiyak district, Mangystau region and belongs to the Western chink of the Ustyurt plateau.

How to get to Boszhira panorama #1.

It is possible to get to the first point along the Zhanaozen road - Becket Ata mosque at 80 km. It is necessary to reach the descent of Zhusaly by a well-worn road, it is necessary to move to the southeast, along the eastern part of the Ustyurt Chink.
Then we leave the cars and move along the path to Ayran - the ancient hunting structures for the corral of wild ungulates.

From here, a unique panorama of the local beauty of the Boszhira tract opens. From here we will see a table mountain which is depicted in local currency “tenge” with a face value of 1,000 thousand tenge of the old type.