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First panorama of Bozzhira No. 1

A trip to the Bozzhira tract from Aktau -

Natural attractions of the Bozzhira Valley on Mangyshlak -

Bozzhira is a tract, a chalk valley, a natural landmark of the Mangyshlak peninsula. To look at the tract from above on Bozzhir there are several panoramic points. The first panoramic point is located at an altitude of 270 meters above sea level, it offers a panorama of the Ustyurt plateau and the Ortasha plateau. From the first panoramic point, the Shoky-Tau mountain is clearly visible, its height is 266 meters above sea level, and the Yurt mountain is also visible from here, its height is 266 meters above sea level. It also offers a great view of the Zhosaly ravine.

How to get there, visit -

The first panorama of Boszhira No. 1 is located in the Mangistau region, Karakiyansky district, 4 kilometers from the Zhosaly hillock and 3 kilometers from the Shoky-Tau mountain.
GPS coordinates: N43°27'48" E54°02'45"

Information - tour to Bozzhira from Almaty -

To get to the first panorama of Bozzhira, you need to use the services of our company, we will arrange for you a jeep tour to the Boszhira gorge from the city of Aktau, you can go here both on a day trip and on a 2-3-4-5-day tour. To do this, we have the necessary transport, 4x4 luxury jeeps, equipment for the installation of a base camp, good cooks and a field kitchen, as well as certified guides with knowledge of foreign languages work for us. We invite you to visit the Mangyshlak peninsula with our company.

The first panorama of Bozzhira in Mangistau region, Kazakhstan


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