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Second panorama of Bozzhira No. 2

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The second panorama of Bozzhira is one of the panoramic points in the Bozzhira Gorge. There are several points in the tract at once, from where a view of the tract opens from one of the highest points. The distance from the first panoramic point of Bozzhira to the second is 3 kilometers, also to see the magnificent view you need to walk 0.5 kilometers down for a ledge (cornice). From here you can see the western part of the Ortasha plateau and the Shoky-Tau Mountain, whose height is 266 meters.

How to get there, visit -

The second panoramic point of Bozzhir is located not far from the first panoramic point in 3 kilometers in the Mangistau region, Karakiyansky district, Mangyshlak peninsula.
GPS coordinates: N43°27'29" E54°03'48"

Information -

Traveling through the panoramic points of the Bozzhira Valley is an exciting jeep ride in the Mangystau region. In one day, you can visit all the panoramic points and take great photos and videos. From the second panoramic point of Bozzhira, you can also see the famous Yurt Mountain with a height of 253 meters and the Zhogarly plateau. There is also an ancient hunting pen for animals, the pen is built of flat stones. The exact purpose of this structure is unknown, but according to researchers, it was done by hunters who somehow drove wild animals there. It is not so difficult to find a second panoramic point, but it is better to use the services of a guide and a guide who knows the area well, our company provides a full range of services for organizing trips to all panoramic points of Bozzhira and throughout the Mangyshlak peninsula and the Magistau region.

The second panorama of Bozzhira on Mangyshlak, Kazakhstan


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