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Boszhira panorama number #3 in Mangystau region, Kazakhstan.

Excursion to the Boszhira tract on Mangyshlak. Bosjira panorama number # 3.

Mangyshlak is the famous peninsula in Kazakhstan, which is famous for the fact that you can see the desert on its territory, then the desert is replaced by a mountain range and ancient sea landscapes. In ancient times there was the Tethys Sea. It is very beautiful and unusual here, isoteric tourism and ordinary tourism are developed here. The tract and the valley of Bosjira is the first in local attractions. Tourists immediately come here after visiting the underground mosque Becket Ata. Bosjira is famous for its unique landscapes that can only be seen by experienced travelers and tourists. There is no sea and gentle sun. Here is the landscape of the ancient Tethys Sea, the hot desert sun and the wind that blows constantly and sometimes very strongly. It is these moments that attract tourists from all over the world to feel and see the ancient beauty of our Kazakh land. The climate is harsh here in winter and in summer. If you visit this place in May and June, you can meet green vegetation and unearthly landscapes, gardens and meadows of extraordinary beauty.