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Third panorama of Bozzhira No. 3

Excursions to the Bozzhira tract on Mangyshlak -

Trip from the Beket-Ata Mosque to the Bozzhira tract -

The third panorama of Bozzhira is one of 7 panoramic points in the chalk valley of Bozzhira; from this point there is a stunning view of the Bozzhira gorge and its surroundings. Not far from the third point is the Beket-Ata underground mosque, the distance is 6.5 kilometers. The distance from the second panoramic point to the third is 3 kilometers, from here you can see Mount Yurta 253 meters above sea level, which is quite high for this region, and you can also see the chalk peaks (remnants) of Azu-Tisteri and Mount Borly-Tau from here.

How to get there, visit -

The third panoramic point of Bozzhiry is located in the Mangistau region, Karakiyansky district, Ustyurt plateau.
GPS coordinates: N43°27'10" E54°05'11"

Information -

The Bozzhira tract is famous for its panoramic points, which are located at different distances from each other, but are easily accessible from the city of Aktau. Once upon a time there was an ocean here, its name was Tethys, its waters splashed here, and the waves rolled onto the shore. Now there is desert and beautiful chalk mountains left here. It is best to travel to this region by 4x4 jeeps since the roads here are country roads, and when it rains, they are washed away. On the way from Aktau, you can visit the ancient underground mosques of the region, spend the night on the former ocean floor and look at the night sky of Mangyshlak.

The third panoramic point of Bozzhira in Mangistau region, Kazakhstan


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