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Sixth panorama of Bozzhira No. 6

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The sixth panorama of Bozzhira is a natural attraction of the Bozzhira Gorge, from this point a magnificent view of the valley opens from a high ledge. From this point, the Ushkir-Tau mountain is clearly visible, a panoramic view of the Ustyurt plateau, the Oinak-Bozzhira glade. The height of the panoramic point is 238 meters above sea level. The distance from the fifth panoramic point to the sixth is 7 kilometers. The road between all the panoramic points runs along the upper ledge of the main plateau, along its highest part.

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The sixth panoramic point of Bozzhira is located in the Mangystau region, Bozzhira tract, Karakiyansky district, Karashek salt marsh.
GPS coordinates: N43°22'26" E54°07'53"

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The sixth panoramic point of Bozzhira is located on the way from the Beket-Ata mosque, also on the same road near the panoramic point there are ancient hunting pens (arans). According to the researchers, ancient hunters built special stone pens and drove game into them. The Bozzhira tract impresses with its boundless beauty, chalk mountains and peaks (chalk remnants). In the tract it is always interesting and especially beautiful in spring, nature blooms here at this time. In July and August it is especially hot here, the area completely burns out and acquires a bright white color. Also, the panoramic points of Bozzhira are famous for their sunsets, at this time it becomes truly beautiful here, in spring the water that is on the plateau reflects sunlight and creates the illusion of the Tethys Ocean, whose waters splashed here in ancient times, millions of years ago.

The sixth panorama of Bozzhira on Mangyshlak, Mangystau region


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