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Azu Tisteri sight - Beauty of Mangyshlak, Kazakhstan.

Travel to Azu Tisteri sight - Mangyshlak, Boszhira valley.

In the vastness of the Mangyshlak peninsula there is a place called Azu Tisteri. It consists of two highest limestone peaks located in the Boszhira tract in the Mangystau region. The southern highest peak rises above the tract to a height of 50 meters, the second peak is slightly lower in height next to the first peak. The maximum height of the Boszhira tract above sea level is 245 meters. Here, the second place called Oinak Boszhira is located not so far away. The Azu Tisteri peaks are best viewed at sunrise and sunset. The peaks take on bright red and orange colors. The Azu Tisteri panorama creates fantastic landscapes for the observer, and sometimes it seems that you are on another planet, for example, Mars. Here nature has reproduced amazing and fantastic forms of relief and stone sculptures. Tourists who have visited here are deeply impressed by the beauty they saw.