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Azu Tisteri, peaks (remnants) in the Boszhira tract, Mangyshlak.

A trip to the first panorama of Boszhira - Azu Tisteri.

Traveling around Mangyshlak, sights of Mangystau.

In the open spaces of the Mangyshlak peninsula there is a place called Azu Tisteri. It consists of two highest limestone peaks located in the Boszhira tract in the Mangystau region. The southern highest peak rises above the natural boundary to a height of 50 meters, the second peak in height a little lower is located next to the first peak. Both of these peaks have different names, one peak is called Soltustik Azu-Tisteri, the second peak is called Ontustik Azu-Tisteri.

Peaks of Azu Tisteri on Boszhire - how to get there.

The remains of Azu Tisteri are located in the famous Boszhira tract in the central part of the tract, on the Mangyshlak peninsula, Karakiya district, Mangistau region. Azu Tisteri is part of the Ulken-Keme mountain range. From Mount Borlytau to Azu Tisteri, the distance is 1.3 kilometers. Also nearby is Mount Shoky Tau, which is 3.2 kilometers away.
Azu Tisteri GPS coordinates: N43°24'56.70" E54°04'19.66"

The peaks of Azu Tisteri and the tract of Boszhira - information for tourists.

The peaks of Azu Tisteri are best observed at sunrise and sunset. The peaks turn bright red and orange. The panorama of Azu Tisteri creates fantastic landscapes for the observer, and at times it seems that you are on another planet, for example, on Mars. Here, nature has reproduced amazing and fantastic landforms and stone sculptures. Tourists who have been here are deeply impressed by the beauties they have seen. At night, it is also very unusual here, in the sky you will see many stars against the backdrop of the peaks of Azu Tisteri. The maximum height of the Boszhira tract above sea level is 245 meters. Here, not so far away, there is a second place called Oynak Boszhira.

Peaks of Azu Tisteri.