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Fangs of Bozzhira (Chalk Peaks or Azu-Tisteri)

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Fangs of Bozzhira (two chalk peaks) are the main attraction of the Bozzhira tract. Another name for this attraction in Kazakh is Azu-Tisteri, which means “fangs”. The two outcrops are two highest limestone peaks (towers, outcrops) with pointed peaks up to 200 meters high if you count the height from the lower Bozzhiry plateau. There is one observation deck that you can approach on foot and take beautiful photos in front of the Bozzhira Fangs. Here you must follow safety precautions and not go close to the edge of the cliff; it is very high here and the cliff has steep slopes.

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The Bozzhira fangs are located in the Bozzhira tract in the Mangistau region, Karakiyansky district, Mangyshlak peninsula.
GPS coordinates N43°24'56" E54°04'19" N43°25'02" E54°04'21"

Information -

The chalk rocks of Bozzhira (Azu-Testers' fangs) are similar to two huge fangs of a prehistoric predator that lived on the territory of Mangyshlak in ancient times. Locals nicknamed these natural formations as "fangs", they were formed under the influence of rain and air erosion for a long time. Both peaks are especially beautiful at sunset, at this time you can take great photos here, rocks flooded with sunlight of the sun going over the horizon. The fangs of Bozzhira are the hallmark of the entire Bozzhira tract, this is the most interesting and unusual place. The peaks are also visible from the lower plateau, where they usually stop for the night, from here also opens a beautiful panorama of the Bozzhira gorge and the Bozzhira Fangs. At night it is also very unusual here, in the sky you will see a lot of stars against the background of the peaks of Azu Tisteri.

Chalk rocks fangs of Bozzhira, Mangystau region, Kazakhstan


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