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Borly Tau mount in Boszhira valley, Mangistau, Kazakhstan.

An introductory tour to the Borly Tau mountain in the Boszhira tract.

Borly Tau is the name of a mountain in the Boszhira valley in Mangyshlak, Kazakhstan. In appearance, the Borly Tau mountain resembles a buried castle or a buried huge structure, but this is how nature, rain and local wind tried for a long time. Borly Tau Mountain is one of the local attractions that can be seen from a very long distance, so you won't be able to miss or drive through this object. Near Borly tau there is another attraction Azu Tisteri (Fangs of Boszhira). It is impossible to climb the Borly tau mountain; this requires special training and equipment. Also, the mountain consists of sedimentary rocks that are not strong in themselves, therefore only professionals should climb the mountain, and it is better not to climb there at all, but to look from the side.