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Borly-Tau Mountain in the Bozzhira tract

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Borly-Tau is a chalk mountain in the Bozzhira tract, a natural landmark of the Mangyshlak peninsula. The mountain is a part of the destroyed mountain massif of Zhogarly Bozzhira, the mountain is clearly visible from the third panoramic point of Bozzhira and from the fourth panoramic point of Bozzhira. The height of the mountain from the lower plateau is 190 meters, the length is 329 meters, the width is 60 meters. The mountain looks quite impressive, you can drive up to it by car along the lower plateau and approach its base, you can also bypass the mountain if desired. It is not possible to climb the mountain, the mountain has steep slopes on all sides and steep slopes in front of the very top.

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Borly-Tau Mountain is located in the gorge, Bozzhira tract, Mangystau region, Karakiyansky district, Mangyshlak Peninsula (Mangystau).
GPS coordinates: N43°25'44" E54°04'39"

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The Bozzhira tract is rich in its natural attractions and chalk mountains. Borly-Tau Mountain is one of such attractions. This natural object is especially beautiful at sunset, if you are on the lower plateau, you can take great photos, but don't miss the moment. Also on the lower plateau, you can stay overnight near this mountain, and take great photos at sunrise. It is best to spend the night at the Bozzhira tract on the lower plateau, since the wind does not blow as much here as on the upper ledge. In addition to Borly-Tau Mountain, the tract has a number of other natural attractions such as Mount Yurt, the chalk peaks of Azu-Testiri, the Bozzhira Gorge, etc.

Borly-Tau Mountain on Mangyshlak, Bozzhira tract, Mangystau region


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