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Oynak Bozzhira

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Oynak Bozzhira is a chalk plateau, a tract, an open flat surface, a lower plateau in the Bozzhira tract. They usually stop here during a trip to Bozzhira for the night and set up a basic tent camp with a field kitchen. From the lower plateau there is a magnificent view of the local natural attractions of the Bozzhira tract, the chalk peaks of Azu-Tisteri, the Ustyurt plateau. This area belongs to the Mangyshlak peninsula, it is possible to travel here only by 4x4 jeeps of high cross-country. You can also fly around the tract by helicopter and look at it from above, we will help you rent a helicopter from local oilmen.

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Oynak Bozzhira is located in the Karakiyansky district, Mangistau region, Mangyshlak peninsula.
GPS coordinates: N43°24'35" E54°04'53"

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The Bozzhira plateau, a tract, a gorge, a natural landmark, a desolate-looking lifeless area, resembles a steppe. Bozzhira is a huge salt marsh, it is present everywhere here and in spring the area is covered with water. The plateau only looks lifeless, in fact, life is boiling here, wild camels and wild horses can be found here, as well as various wild animals and birds are found here, snakes can be found. In summer, in July and August, it is very hot here, so the Bozzhira tract is popular in spring and autumn, in spring it is most beautiful here, and in autumn it is not so hot. We invite you to travel around the Mangyshlak peninsula and its surroundings on special jeep tours and get acquainted with the nature of the peninsula. There are also underground mosques on the peninsula, which are also very popular among travelers.

Oynak Bozzhira, Mangystau region, Mangyshlak peninsula


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