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Shoky Tau mount in Boszhira tract and valley, Mangyshlak, Kazakhstan.

Excursion to the Shoky Tau mountain in the Boszhira tract.

Unusual Shoky Tau mountain is located in the upper part of the Boszhira valley, Karakiyansky district, Mangystau region, Kazakhstan.

Shoky Tautain-how to get there.

Shoky Tau Mountain is a round mountain and resembles a Kazakh yurt. From the other sides, Shoky Tau Mountain looks different, from one side it generally looks like a pyramid. It is not at all difficult to get to Shoky Tau Mountain, you need to move along the main road that leads to the Boszhira tract. In this place, in the middle of the way, there is a descent called Zhazgurly, after the descent there is an inconspicuous turn to the left which will lead you to the plateau where the Shoky Tau mountain is located.

Shoky Tau mount GPS coordinates: N43 ° 26'14.95 "E54 ° 02'37.83"

Shoky Tau mount.