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Shoky Tau Mountain in Boszhira tract, Mangyshlak

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Shoky Tau is a mountain and a natural attraction in the Bozzhira tract, the mountain looks like a Kazakh yurt, but this is if you look at it from which side. Travelers see a spaceship in the mountain that landed in the steppe, others see a pyramid in the mountain. You can drive up to the mountain by car and take a walk in the vicinity of the mountain, if you wish, you can go around the mountain in a circle, but it will take a lot of time. The height of the Shoki-tau mountain is 226 meters, which is quite high if you are on the lower plateau of Boszhira.

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Shoky Tau Mountain is located in Mangystau region, Bozzhira tract, Karakiyansky district, the middle plateau of Oinak Bozzhira.
GPS coordinates: N43°26'14" E54°02'37"

Information -

The Bozzhira tract is famous for its unusual natural formations and the Shoku Tau Mountain is one of them. The mountain can be seen from all panoramic points of the tract, the mountain is located 2.9 kilometers from Borly-Tau Mountain, the mountain is perfectly visible from the first panoramic point of Bozzhira. The mountain has a characteristically pronounced cone, but from the east the mountain looks like an oval from above. The mountain consists of white limestone and is composed of three ledges. The mountain belongs to the plateau of Zhogarly Bozzhira, a road leads to the mountain, along which you can drive up to the mountain. Getting to the Shoki Tau Mountain is not difficult at all, it is necessary to move along the main road that leads to the Boszhira tract. In this place in the middle of the way there is a descent called Zhazgurli, after the descent there is an inconspicuous turn to the left that will take you to the plateau where the Shoki Tau Mountain is located. We wish you a pleasant trip to this area, you can also use the services of our company to organize a trip to the Bozzhira tract.

Shoky Tau Mountain in Mangystau region, Bozzhira tract


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