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Blue Bay at the Caspian Sea

Excursion to the Blue Bay from the city of Aktau -

Sights of the Caspian Sea -

Blue Bay is the most beautiful and popular place on the shores of the Caspian Sea. Blue Bay is part of the Tupkaragan peninsula, Tupkaragan district, Mangistau region. Cape Sagyndyk (also the most beautiful place of the Caspian Sea) is located at a distance of 15 kilometers from the Blue Bay. Here is the most beautiful sea water of blue color, there are not many people here, so you can always spend time here far from civilization and all alone. If you like big and noisy companies, then Blue Bay is not for you.

Tourist information -

The beaches of the Blue Bay are considered one of the most beautiful places on the peninsula. There is no infrastructure here, so these places attract tourists with their pristine nature and wild beach.

How to get there, visit -

Getting to Blue Bay is very easy. If you are in the city of Aktau, you need to get to the city of Fort Shevchenko and then follow the signs. Blue Bay is a great place where you can spend time while in the city of Aktau. The water in this place has a beautiful shade and will impress any traveler. Blue Bay is considered one of the largest wild beaches of the Caspian Sea, part of which is located on the territory of Kazakhstan. If you want to feel the romance and see the untouched nature of the Mangyshlak Peninsula, then you need to visit this place.

Golubaya bay on the Caspian Sea, Mangistau region


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