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The Caspian Sea in Mangystau region, Kazakhstan.

Travel and excursion to the Caspian Sea.

The Caspian Sea is the world's largest enclosed body of water located on the Eurasian continent. The coastline is 5970 km long, of which 2320 km are in Kazakhstan. The catchment area is 3.1 million km2, of which 29.4% is in closed drainage areas.

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The Caspian Sea is fed by the waters of more than 130 large and small rivers, annually supplying about 300 km3 of water to it. Of the rivers flowing into the Caspian Sea, the Volga occupies the main place, the basin area of which is 1360 thousand km2 and extends to 62 ° north latitude. The area of the Ural River basin is 237 thousand km2.

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The region of the Caspian Sea, adjacent to the shores of Kazakhstan, is naturally divided into two parts: the eastern part of the North Caspian and the eastern part of the Middle Caspian. The eastern part of the North Caspian is shallow with a low-lying coast and small slopes of the bottom. Here the average depth is 2 m, and the maximum, in the area of the Ural Furrow, is 8 ... 10 m. The bottom relief is complicated by the presence of banks, islands, furrows. It is a semi-closed body of water, the hydrological regime of which is formed in a continental, arid climate and is determined by the runoff of the waters of the Ural and Volga rivers. It is practically isolated from the direct influence of the waters of the Middle Caspian. The eastern part of the middle is deep-water. The average depth is 200 m, and the maximum is up to 700 m.

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The Caspian Sea and its drainage basin are of great importance for the economies of the countries of the Caspian region, including Kazakhstan. This is a unique reservoir with a diverse flora and fauna, in the depths of which significant reserves of hydrocarbon raw materials are concentrated. The socio-economic development in the coastal zone is significantly influenced by the hydro meteorological regime of the sea and coastal territory, and above all the position of the sea level surface.
The level of the Caspian Sea, as a closed water body, in contrast to the level fluctuations in the seas, is subject to significant


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