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Mount Sherkala on Mangyshlak

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Sherkala is a mountain, also known as the "Lion Fortress", a natural landmark, a place of attraction for all travelers to Mangystau. The mountain looks like a bowl, a Kazakh yurt, an alien flying saucer (UFO) or a sphinx with steep southern and eastern slopes and a more blurred northern side. There is a place near the mountain where you can see round stone balls-formations known as (spherical nodules on Mount Sherkala) of unknown origin. Also located next to the mountain is the underground Temir Abdal mosque and a small necropolis, a sacred sacred place.

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Mount Sherkala is located 18 kilometers from the village of Shetpe, 94 kilometers from the city of Aktau, Mangistau district, Mangistau region, Republic of Kazakhstan.
GPS coordinates: 44°15'23"N 52°00'22"E


Mount Sherkala is formed by limestone, clay rocks of the Paleogene period. The Polish revolutionary B. Zalessky, who visited Mangystau as part of a geological expedition in 1851, wrote: “from afar, looking at Mount Sherkala, you can see the magnificent pantheons of Rome and monuments of antiquity. When you approach, you see the columns of individual walls, and the columns of the white mountains look like destroyed antique statues,” he wrote, drawing the crest of the Sherkala. This painting was published in Zalessky's album “life in the Kyrgyz steppes” in 1856 in Paris. Sherkala means "City of Tigers" in Arabic, once there was a route along which caravans went to Khorezm and Khiva and a military fortress was located here.

Mount Sherkala on the Mangyshlak peninsula, Mangystau region


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