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Sultan-Epe canyon at the Caspian Sea

Sultan-Epe Canyon travels through the beauties of Mangyshlak

Sultan-Epe Canyon is located on the Mangyshlak peninsula in Tupkaragan district, Mangistau region in Kazakhstan. Nearby is the Mangyshlak Bay, which is part of the Caspian Sea. Sultan-Epe Canyon consists of shell rock, here you can find many old fishing houses made of this rock. If it is located on a hill in this area, you can see the Caspian Sea. The Sultan-Epe Canyon is very beautiful and unusual, the desert area is adjacent to rock formations, a large number of different animals live here and various kinds of vegetation grow.

Sultan-Epe underground mosque in the Saltan-Epe Canyon

There is an underground Sultan-Epe mosque and a well with water. Water from the well is considered sacred and healing. Also, this place is a place of pilgrimage. Sultan-Epe Canyon is filled with plants and therefore creates a contrast with the desert terrain on top of the canyon. Willow, hawthorn and other plants grow here.

Sultan-Epe Canyon


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