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Koshkar-Ata lake

Watching flamingos on Lake Koshkar-Ata

Lake Koshkar-Ata is located in the Mangystau region, Tupkaragansky district of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Mangyshlak peninsula. From the city of Aktau to Lake Koshkar-Ata 8 kilometers. The size of the lake is approximately 13 kilometers. Water in Lake Koshkar-Ata, according to researchers, enters the lake from underground sources and the Caspian Sea.

History of Lake Koshkar-Ata

Lake Koshkar-Ata was discovered in the middle of the XIX century, the area of ​​the lake is 50 square kilometers. In Soviet times, radioactive materials were dumped into Lake Koshkar-Ata from enterprises located near the city of Aktau (the city of Shevchenko). In the 90s, the extraction of radioactive elements was stopped and the lake slowly recovered.

Flamingos on Lake Koshkar-Ata

Lake Koshkar-Ata serves as a habitat for flamingos during the migration period. Here you can find a large number of flamingos.

Koshkar-Ata lake


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