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Imankara mount (hill) in Atyrau region, Kazakhstan.

Trip to Mount Imankara - excursions in the Atyrau region.

Imankara is an isolated round low mountain in the northeast of the Caspian basin. On the top of the mountain there are burial mounds and mounds of the Saka period (V century BC). In ancient times, the peak was considered a sacred place.

Hill Imankara - how to get there.

Sopka Imankara is located in the Zhylyoi district of the Atyrau region, 65 km north-east of the city of Kulsary.

Mount Imankara-tourist information.

The absolute height is 200 m, the length and width are 8-10 km. The western part of the plateau is layered, the rest is flat. There are water sources in the foothills. The top is flat, aligned. Desert vegetation grows on the slopes, mainly biyurgun and wormwood. The slopes are used as summer pastures. On 3 platforms at the top of the mountain there are burial mounds of the Saka period (V century BC).
Shrubs with an admixture of wormwood, wormwood, wormwood and other plants of the desert belt grow on the mountain slopes. The area around the mountain and the Imankara mountain itself is used as a summer pasture for livestock.

Imankara hill.