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Akkergeshen Plateau

Jeep tour from Aktobe to Akkergeshen plateau -

Photo tour and paleontology on the Cretaceous Akkergeshen plateau -

Akkergehsen is a chalk plateau, completely white in color, a little-known natural landmark, there was a sea here in ancient times. The size of the plateau is 11 kilometers long, 8 kilometers wide, the plateau is composed of ancient Cretaceous deposits that were formed here millions of years ago in ancient times, some of them consist of ancient ocean inhabitants whose remains and fossils can be found here, these are shark teeth, dinosaur spine, fossilized shells of sea urchins and their needles, petrified trunks of marine lilies, which have now broken up into separate fragments.

How to get there, visit -

The Akkergeshen plateau is located 48 kilometers from the village of Kulsary, 23 kilometers from the village of Akkiztogai, Zhalyoy district, Atyrau region, Republic of Kazakhstan. GPS coordinates: 47°18'32"N 54°23'30"E

Information -

When you reach the Akkergeshen plateau, you will witness the mysterious miracle of the vast Kazakh steppe. As your path passes through the plateau, you will notice that the gray-brown fields turn gray and turn into bright white rocks. Wherever you look at the Cretaceous rocks that have taken on various shapes and forms, you will see a unique nature here, Akkergesen looks like a fantastic city from another planet, there will be tall towers, castles, citadels and other amazing shapes. The most optimal route runs along the Atyrau-Aktau highway. Here you can make a stop in the city of Kulsary, which is the center of the Zhylyoy district, replenish fuel, food and water supplies and continue your journey. After crossing 100 kilometers from Kulsary, you will reach the desired destination. It is best to go to the Akkergeshen plateau for at least two days with one overnight stay in order to take your time and enjoy this natural attraction.

Akkergeshen plateau in Atyrau region


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