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Inder-Emben karst region in Atyrau district, Kazakhstan.

Walking around Inder lake and exploring the caves.

Inder-Emben karst region is located on the territory of Kazakhstan in the Atyrau region. There is a network of caves that go deep underground. Also in this area is the famous salt lake Inder (Inderbor). The Inder-Emben karst region is filled with sinkholes of various diameters and sizes.

How to get caves near Inder lake.

Many researchers come to this area who, since Soviet times, have been conducting various kinds of research and research here. In the 30s, a full-scale study of the area began here, borate deposits were discovered and developed here. Also in this area, studies of the processes of karst rock of the earth were carried out.
This area is of particular interest to geologists, speleologists, and tourists who are fond of geological tourism. Karsting rocks are ubiquitous here, you can go down into the caves of this region and delve into their exploration.

Caves of the Inder-Emben karst region.

The Utelis Kstau cave (which in translation from Kazakh means - Overnight Utemis) was discovered in the Soviet period and has been well studied. The cave has 2 entrances (exits). This cave can be crossed but it requires special equipment.
The One-Eyed Well Cave is also located in this area and is a karst well. The depth of this cave is not small and is 30 meters, for its exploration we have all the necessary equipment plus with your preparation, it is possible to descend into this cave. At the bottom of the cave there is a passage deep into the rock at a distance of up to 13 meters, at the bottom it is very dark.

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