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Berkutaul mount in Altai region, East-Kazakhstan region.

Climbing and driving to Mount Berkutaul.

Mount Berkutaul (Kaz. Berkutaul tauy) - the mountain is located in the famous Kazakh Altai on the territory of Eastern Kazakhstan. The mountain is 3373 meters above sea level and is the highest mountain in the region. Mount Berkutaul is popular, climbing the mountain attracts climbers to this region. Nearby is Mount Belukha, which is also very beautiful and popular.

Mount Berkutaul tourist information.

Mount Berkutaul has sheltered forests of cedar, larch and fir. Rough taiga, as this forest is called in the scientific language. Here you can watch mountain goats (tau teke) and argali. Marmots are not afraid of humans, therefore, to observe them, you can approach them very close.
Berkutaul mountains grow a lot of berries, currants, oxalis. Many different types of mushrooms can be found in the forests.

Mount Berkutaul - how to get there.

The mountain is located 16 kilometers from the village of Tolkain. Tolkain village is located on the highway on the road. The way from the village to the mountain will take you 2 days, as well as time to climb, so this trip must be planned in advance. Our company will provide a full range of services for the organization of climbing Mount Berkutaul. The exact address, Altai province, Bukhtarma district, Narym district, Sarymsakty ridge, 18 kilometers from the village of Katon-Karagai, Eastern Zazakhstan.


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