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Vysheivanovsky Belok (Voroshilov Peak) in Kazakhstan Altai.

Climbing in the Altai Mountains-Vysheivanovskiy Belok.

Vysheivanovskiy Belok, also known as Voroshilov Peak, is located about 24 kilometers from the city of Ridder (Leninogorsk), East Kazakhstan. In the area where the Vysheivanovsky Belok mountain is located, the village of Poperechnoe is located. Vysheivanovskiy Belok is part of the Ivanovskiy mountain range and is its highest point. The height of Voroshilov Peak (Vysheivanovsky Belok) is 2778 meters above sea level.

Vysheivanovskiy Belok-how to get there.

Vysheivanovskiy Belok is located in a very picturesque place of the Kazakh Altai, this territory is very popular with tourists from all over the world. Here you will not meet other tourists as the place is considered rather remote and it is possible to miss another group if one travels at the same time with you.

Information for tourists-Vysheivanovskiy Belok.

There are many lakes here, such as lakes Podbelkovoye, Rasypnoye, Gromotushinskoye. There are many rivers here. The territory is part of the West Altai nature reserve. Passes and special permits are not required to stay in this area.

Vysheivanovskiy Belok.


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