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Maloulbinskoye reservoir in East Kazakhstan region.

Excursion-Maloulbinskoye reservoir.

The Maloulbinskoye reservoir is located in East Kazakhstan on the Malaya Ulba river. The reservoir resembles a lake, it is very beautiful, surrounded by low mountains, it is very picturesque here. The construction of the reservoir was started in 1930, the hydroelectric power station was put into operation in 1938

Maloulbinskoye reservoir-how to get there.

It is possible to get to the reservoir from the city of Ridder. It is necessary to move upstream of the Malaya Ulba river.

Maloulbinskoe reservoir-information.

The length of the reservoir is 5 kilometers, the width is 3 kilometers, the reservoir itself is not small and not very large, for example, like the Bortogai reservoir. The city of Ridder is supplied with water from this reservoir. According to local residents, local residents who were forced to do this by force and prisoners who also consisted of local residents carried out the construction of the entire structure.

Maloulbinskoye reservoir.


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