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Konyr-Aulie cave (Abai region)

Excursion to the Konyr-Aulie cave from Almaty

Konyr-Aulie Cave is located in the East Kazakhstan region and is a sacred place. The cave is an underground grotto 120 meters long, the cave is quite extensive and large. The entrance to the cave is located in a rocky massif, the entrance height is 2 meters, the depth of the cave is 120 meters, the width is 15-40 meters. At the end of the cave there is a fresh lake, the size of the lake is 15 meters, the water in the lake is very cold. If desired, you can go into the water to plunge, this ritual has a beneficial effect on the human body.

To the right of this main cave is a narrow cavity 50 cm wide, 110 cm high. This narrow cavity has a length of 12 m with an extension of 10 m, a height of 5 meters. In the north direction 12 m. The ceiling height of the cave is 20 meters, the diameter is 5-7 meters, 2 domes and ends with the lake. At the exit from the main room to the lake there is a room with a height of 12 – 15 meters. The temperature of the cave air does not exceed 10 degrees. Many famous people have visited the Konyr Aulie cave (Abai Kunanbayev, Mukhtar Auezov

How to get there

The cave is located in the Aktas mountains, 20 kilometers from the cave to the nearest settlement, the village of Aktas, the cave is located in the Abai district, East Kazakhstan.

Legend, sacred meaning, pilgrimage

The water in the lake inside the Konur-Aulie cave is sacred and healing. Here you can meet pilgrims who often visit this place. Legend has it that the ancestors recovered in this cave from diseases and wounds received in between battles. At the entrance to the cave there is a stone statue depicting a woman. Another legend says that when there was a Worldwide Flood on earth, the Almighty saved the lives of three brothers who took care of other people during the flood. When the 3 brothers Konyr happened later, Kyran and Kulan did not take up space in Noah's Ark to give way to other people, and tied three logs to the ark on which they settled down, but the raging stream of water tore off the logs. When the water came down, the log of Konyr caught on the mountain where the cave is located. From now on, the place and the cave are sacred.

Konur-Aulie cave in Abai region, East Kazakhstan


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