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Kiin-Kerish valley (City of Spirits)

Travel to Kiin-Kerish tract - (City of Spirits)

Kiin-Kerish valley is the low semi-mountainous semi-desert tract, which is located in the East Kazakhstan region. In the vastness of the endless Kazakhstan desert there is such a unique, very beautiful and unusual place Kiin-Kerish.

How to get there, visit

The place is located near Lake Zaisan, you can get here from the city of Ust-Kamenogorsk, then the village of Kurchum, the village of Karatogay, East Kazakhstan.


Kiin-Kerish is read as one of the most mysterious places in Kazakhstan. Kiin-Kerish is considered the City of Spirits and is also known as the Burning Cliffs. They are named so because the hills-mountains have an unusual reddish color, in places bright yellow or orange. It is believed that the energy of the place is very high, there is also information that in ancient times sacrifices were made here. Why is there such an unusual red color, because the clay of which the earth rock consists of such an unusual appearance and color. It's called tertiary clay. According to research by local and foreign researchers, the age of the place is millions; here you can find the remains of ancient plant prints and the remains of ancient animals. On the territory of the tract, two species of unique plants grow and several species of animals that are listed in the Red Book live.

Kiin-Kerish valley in East kazakhstan region


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