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Dubygalinskoe lake in East Kazakhstan region.

Jeep tour and fishing on Dubygalinskoe lake.

Dubygalinskoe lake also known as Okunki, Mitrofany. A picturesque, small lake of East Kazakhstan. An excellent place for recreation and fishing. The lake is famous as a resting place among locals for its convenient location and very beautiful nature.

Dubygalinskoe lake-how to get there.

Dubygalinskoe lake is located on the territory of Kazakhstan (East Kazakhstan region), Ulansky district, the lake is located at the foot of the low Dubygaly mountains. Our company provides a full range of services in the field of tourism and recreation in East Kazakhstan.

Dubygalinskoe lake-information for tourists.

The lake is home to such fish as tench, perch, crucian carp. Of the mammals, the muskrat lives here, as well as waterfowl. The lake is closed, one small river flows into the lake. The lake is replenished with water due to rain and spring melting of snow.

Protection of Dubygalinskoye lake.

In 2005, the Akimat of the East Kazakhstan region signed a document on the inclusion of the lake in the register of specially protected objects, since the influx of tourists and improper use of the land around the lake, the nature began to change for the better.

Lake Dubygalinskoe.


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