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Zaysan lake in East Kazakhstan region.

Travel to Lake Zaysan.

Lakes of East Kazakhstan.

The rivers Kara Irtysh, Kokpekty, Zharma, Kenderlik flow into Lake Zaisan, the Irtysh (White Irtysh) flows out. The continuation of the river is observed in the form of a long ditch at the bottom of the lake, 2 km wide and up to 10 m deep. The water regime is associated with the Black Irtysh. In summer, when the snow melts in the mountains, the level of the lake rises. Decreases in winter.

Lake Zaysan - how to get there.

Lake Zaysan is a freshwater lake located in a tectonic depression between the Southern Altai and the Sauyr and Tarbagatai ridges of lakes in Kazakhstan. The lake is located at an altitude of 395 m above sea level. The color of the lake Zaisan is bluish, the transparency is 1.3 m. The highest water levels in the lake are observed in May and early June, the lowest in winter. In November-April, the lake freezes over.

Lake Zaysan - information for tourists.

Before the construction of the Bukhtarma hydroelectric power station on the Irtysh, the area of the lake was 1788 km2, length 111 km, width 30 km, average depth 4-6 m (the deepest point is 10 m). After the construction of the dam, the lake was connected with the Bukhtarma dam. The size and shape of the coastline has increased. In recent years, the level of the Bukhtarma dam has been declining due to the overuse of the Black Irtysh River in China. If the amount of added water continues to decrease, Lake Zaisan could be isolated from the dam and return to its natural state.

Fish in lake Zaysan.

Today, the ichthyofauna of Lake Zaisan consists of 21 species of fish, of which 16 species are native or local fish, and 5 species are localized, i.e. 24%. Especially sturgeon, whitefish, taimen, pike, perch, white-tailed carp, etc. The habitat of catfish, pike, perch and trout is very wide, distributed throughout the lake, and pike is often concentrated in areas where fishing is prohibited. Several species of whitefish and crucian carp are found in biotopes such as meadows, mainly in bays and along river banks. Fish species such as carp, carp and burbot are rare. Today, due to a slight decrease in the prevalence of catfish in the lake, it is possible to increase the number of valuable fish such as carp. There are several fishing villages (artels) near the lake. Muskrat also lives in the lake. The lake area is also used for shipping.

Lake Zaysan.


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