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Zaysan cavity (hollow) in East Kazakhstan region.

Travel along the Zaisan depression.

Zaysan cavity (hollow) - in the eastern part of Kazakhstan. The basin consists of a Paleozoic layered basement, runs along the axial part of the pit at a depth of 1600-1700 m. The basin is covered with continental deposits of Cretaceous, Paleogene, Neogene and Quaternary periods.

Zaysan cavity (hollow)-how to get there.

The Zaysan hollow is located between Gorny Altai and the Tarbagatai-Sauyr mountains, in the East Kazakhstan region, at an altitude of 395-1000 m above sea level. The total length is 250 km, the area is up to 140 square kilometers. To the west of Kazanchunkyr it continues to the Shar-Kokpekty hills.

Zaysan hollow-information for tourists.

The region is dominated by desert and semi-desert landscapes. Lake Zaisan and the southern part of the Bukhtarma dam are located in the lowest part of the depression. The climate is sharply continental. Strong winds blow from the west and southwest on the territory of the depression. The soil is brown, pinkish-brown, sandy soils prevail in the eastern part. Irrigated agriculture and animal husbandry are well developed.

Zaysan cavity (hollow).


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