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Kemirkol lake in East Kazakhstan region.

Excursion to Lake Kemirkol from the village of Kurchum.

Lake Kemirkol is not big, its size is 2.5 kilometers, width is 1 kilometer. The lake is very picturesque and beautiful, the nature of the lake is impeccable. Here you can take great photos at dusk and dawn. It is a great pleasure to spend the night by the lake. Here you will not meet other tourists and vacationers and you can spend time alone with nature and your loved one.

Kemirkol lake-how to get there.

The lake is located in the East Kazakhstan region at an altitude of 840 meters above sea level, Kurchum region. The lake is part of the Kurchum ridge. You can get there from Kyrchum village, whixk is not far away.

Kemirkol lake-tourist information.

It is necessary to travel to the lake at the beginning of summer to see all the beauty of the local nature and its flowers. The maximum amount of water is in May, the lowest in September. In the lake there are such fish as: carp, gudgeon. Of the mammals, the muskrat lives here.

Kemirkol lake.


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