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Sasykkol lake in Almaty and East Kazakhstan regions

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Lake Sasykkol is located next to Lake Alakol, northwest direction. The area of the lake is 730 square kilometers, the lake is quite large, very picturesque and beautiful. The lake is 50 kilometers long, 20 kilometers wide, 3.3 meters deep. The lake has the Araltobe peninsula. The Urjar river flows into the lake, and three small rivers will also flow into the lake - Tentek, Karakol, Ai.

Sasykkol lake - how to get there -

The lake is located in the Balkhash-Alakol lowland (depression), on the border of the Almaty and East Kazakhstan regions, southeastern Kazakhstan. The height of the lake is 350 meters above sea level. Nearby is the Alakol lake.

Sasykkol lake - information for the tourist -

It is possible to organize a boat trip on the lake, as well as excellent fishing. The lake is inhabited by fish, marinka, perch, pike perch, carp. The water in the lake is fresh, you can swim here in summer. The ionic composition of the lake belongs to the hydrocarbonate class.

Lake Sasykkol


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