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Ayrtau mountains in East Kazakhstan region.

Photo tour and travel to Ayrtau (granite massif) from Ust-Kamenogorsk.

Ayrtau is a granite, beautiful and very unusual rock massif located on the territory of Kazakhstan. The highest part of the mountain range is Mount Ayrtau, its height is 1004 meters above sea level. The length of the entire mountain range is 9 kilometers.

Airtau mountain and mountain range - how to get there.

The Ayrtau mountains are located in the East Kazakhstan region, near the city of Ust-Kamenogorsk (48 kilometers), on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Ulansky district.

Ayrtau-information for tourists.

The Ayrtau mountains attract to themselves with their unusual view and convenient location. In this area there is an animal farm Sartymbet, which can also serve as a reference point. The mountains are composed of cone-shaped granite formations, which, over time, nature has turned into very unusual formations. Sometimes in this place it seems that you are on another planet, which consists only of stone. Due to the rain of the wind, unusual stone structures have formed here, nature here has done its best for this place will leave a deep impression on you and here you can take excellent photos. The largest three granite peaks are located here, which are called the Three Monasteries.

Ayir lake in the Ayrtau mountains.

Also in the Ayrtau mountains there is a picturesque lake Ayir, which is 1 kilometer long and 600 meters long and 915 meters wide. To find the lake, you need to move to the northwest.

Airtau mountains.


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