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Protected parks and reserves areas of Kazakhstan

Tours and Excursion by Specially protected natural territories of Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan adopted the Law on Specially Protected Natural Areas in 1997 and 2006. Such specially protected natural areas of republican significance are divided into several groups in accordance with organizational goals and environmental legislation. The preservation and protection of the original state of the biosphere ecosystems is closely related to the preservation of the diversity of living organisms. Today, there are almost no fields on Earth that would not be affected by human activities. However, it is important to conserve some ecosystems that have retained their original natural state or where anthropogenic influences are less prominent as a natural standard. This is due to the fact that such territories are necessary for comparison with the territories most affected by anthropogenic factors. According to internationally recognized rules, 10% of the total land area of each state should receive the status of specially protected natural areas. Specially protected natural areas include biosphere reserves, state reserves, state national natural parks, reserves, reserves, etc. natural objects. According to the latest data, more than 1000 specially protected natural areas have been created in more than 100 largest countries of the world. The total area of such territories is 230 million hectares. This is 1.6% of the land area.

Biosphere reserves of Kazakhstan-guide service

Biosphere reserves are one of the recently established types of specially protected natural areas. Biosphere reserves are created to protect and preserve the nature of some large regions of the world. It hosts international environmental events. Such reserves are organized into ecosystems, the nature of which has not changed much, and are constantly monitored and analyzed for changes in nature. The territory of biosphere reserves is divided into several zones (internal, border and economic) and scientific research is being carried out. The Korgalzhyn and Nauryz reserves in Kazakhstan, which currently number about 350 biosphere reserves around the world, have received the status of biosphere reserves.
Reserves Aksu-Zhabagly, Alma-Ata, Markakol and Western Altai protect the natural resources of the mountain valley. For example, lizards, lizards, lizards, etc. are found in the Aksu-Zhabagly reserve. And in the Alakol reserve there are gulls with a black neck, etc. protected.

Kazakhstan State reserves-visit

The main type of specially protected natural areas in our country are state reserves. Reserves are scientific institutions. There is no economic activity in the reserve, only scientific research work is carried out. Therefore, research work in the reserve is carried out by specialists with higher education. Currently, there are 10 state nature reserves in Kazakhstan. All natural resources in the reserve are strictly protected. In addition, reserves are organized in special landscape zones to protect certain ecosystems. For example, deserts, steppes, swamps, etc. ecosystem reserves.
In the steppe zone, the reserves Nauryz, Ustyurt and Barsakelmes have been organized to protect the natural communities of the desert region. In 1953, a wild donkey was brought from Turkmenistan. It is also located in the Altynemel National Natural Park. Korgalzhyn Reserve protects natural resources of wetlands. In the future, it is planned to organize the Turgai, Sarykopa and Tarbagatai reserves.

National natural parks of Kazakhstan-adventure travel

In national natural parks, tourism is promoted along with environmental protection, environmental promotion, environmental education and training. There are 10 national natural parks in the country. National nature parks are often organized around natural attractions, with a particular emphasis on the coordination of economic activities with conservation activities. In recent years, the country has created the national natural parks "Charyn" (2004), Sairam-Ugam (2006) and Kolsai Lakes (2007). In the future, it is planned to organize 5 more national natural parks in the country (Dzhungarsky Alatau, Aksu-Lepsi, Buyratau, Zaisan, Akzhailau).

Kazakhstan nature reserves-welcome

Reserves are organized for the purpose of comprehensive protection of all natural resources in certain special natural areas or for the protection of certain species of plants and animals. Thus, reserves are complex, zoological, botanical, geological, etc. b. divided into Sometimes reserves are organized temporarily (for a period of ten to twenty years) or permanently. Environmental protection activities in the reserves are not strictly carried out, only some types of economic activities are prohibited.

Natural Monuments of Kazakhstan-how to get

Natural monuments are often intended to protect only certain natural objects (certain species of plants, animals, caves, waterfalls, etc.) that have historical, natural and scientific significance. Particular attention is paid to their scientific and educational value. “Kaz Konak” (on the banks of the Irtysh River), “Grove Charyn Chagan”, “Yolki Shynturgen” (Almaty region), “Grove Bauma” (Almaty) and others are of republican importance in the country. There are natural monuments.

Special nature reserves and nature parks oh Kazakhstan

A new type of specially protected natural areas - reserves. In order to protect relict pine forests in the valley of the Irtysh River in the republic in 2003, the Irtysh Forest and Semipalatinsky Forest reserves were created. In nature reserves, both the protected area and farmland are protected together. In the reserves, special attention is paid to the conservation and restoration of biological diversity.

Kazakhstan parks and reserves


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