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Tarbagatai mountain ridge in East Kazakhstan region.

Tours and excursions to the Tarbagatai mountains (Tarbagatai ridge).

Tarbagatai mountain range and watershed between Zaisan and Balkhash-Alakol territories.
The absolute height is 2991 meters above sea level. The ridge stretches for 300 km from west to east in a latitudinal direction and has a width of 30-50 km. In the east, it continues to the Sauyr ridge.

Tarbagatai mountains - how to get there.

The Tarbagatai ridge is located on the territory of the Tarbagatai district of the East Kazakhstan region. The western end of Tarbagatai is located 75 km southeast of the city of Ayagoz, from here the ridge goes southeast for about 55 km to Mount Sandyktas, then it stretches east along the border of Kazakhstan and China.

Tarbagatai-information for tourists.

The Tarbagatai Mountains are composed of Paleozoic sedimentary plates, limestones; Permian, coal, Devonian sandstone; The western part is composed of highly dislocated volcanic intrusive granites of the Silurian and Cambrian periods.
In terms of flora and fauna, the Tarbagatai mountains are similar to the Kazakhstan Altai. Wormwood, shrubs, mountain meadows and poplars, wild apples and junipers grow here. Willows predominate on the northern slopes. Deer, mountain goats, argali, bears, foxes, badgers, corsacks and marmots live here.

Tarbagatai mountains.


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