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Ashutas canyon in East Kazakhstan region.

Excursion and tour to Ashutas canyon.

Ashutas Canyon is a natural monument of East Kazakhstan, the canyon is also known as "Clay Hills". Ashutas in translation from the Kazakh language means "Sour Stone". The area is similar to the area of Kiin-Kereish (Shekelmes).

Ashutas canyon-how to get there.

Ashutas canyon and area is located in Kazakhstan. Kurchum district, from the village of Kurchum to the place of 150 kilometers. Right bank of the Irtysh river. Eastern Kazakhstan.

Ashutas canyon-information for toursit.

Ashutas Canyon is famous for its colors and unusual desert nature. When traveling across Kazakhstan, it is always possible to visit here. Here they found the remains of ancient (fossil remains) life forms. Ashutas is of great scientific interest in terms of geology and other sciences. Finds in the area are classified as tertiary flora. Here you can find prints of the leaves of ancient plants.

Ashutas canyon.


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