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Balayuk cave in Mangystau region, Kazakhstan.

Excursion to the Balayuk cave.

Balayuk Cave is located in a karst funnel, the length of the funnel is 50 meters. Karst sinkholes are often found on the territory of Mangyshlak. There is only one entrance to the cave and it is necessary to move on foot over rough terrain to reach it. It is also possible to descend into the cave and see a beautiful underground lake at its bottom. To do this, you must have training and special equipment.

Balayuk cave-how to get there.

The cave is located in the Mangistau region, the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Ustyurt plateau.
The border of Kazakhstan with Uzbekistan passes nearby.

Balayuk cave-information for tourists.

The cave is popular with local tourists and foreigners. Here it is possible to conduct a speleological tour and descend to the bottom of the cave where we will discover a beautiful underground lake. The corridor is 80 meters long and has a slope of 40-70 degrees. The ceiling height is 5-15 meters. There are three large halls in the cave. The tritium hall is located at a depth of 125 meters where the blue lake is located. The water here is considered sacred, the water tastes bitter and salty. You can take a bath in the lake. To visit the cave you need a rope, 60 meters, flashlights, protective helmets for the head, special shoes. After visiting the cave, do not forget to clean up your trash after you.

Balayuk Cave GPS coordinates - E 54º 43 י 58.28 ײ N 42º 26 י 47.91 ײ.

Balayuk Cave.