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Balayuk cave in Mangystau region

Excursion to Balayuk Cave from Aktau -

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Balayuk cave is located in a sinkhole, the depth of the sinkhole is 50-150 meters. Karst sinkholes are often found on the territory of Mangyshlak. There is only one entrance to the cave and you need to walk to it over rough terrain, as well as to get to the cave itself, you need to use the services of local guides and vehicles, only high-terrain jeeps, 4x4. It is possible to descend into the cave. At the bottom of the cave there is a beautiful underground lake with clear blue water.

How to get there, visit -

Balayuk Cave is located in Mangistau region, the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Ustyurt plateau, Mangyshlak peninsula, the border of Kazakhstan with Uzbekistan passes nearby.
GPS coordinates: N42°26'48" E54°43'57"

Information -

Balayuk Cave is very popular among local tourists and foreigners. Here it is possible to conduct a speleological tour and go down to the bottom of the cave, where we will discover a beautiful underground lake. The corridor of the cave has a length of 80 meters, a slope of 40-70 degrees.
The ceiling height is 5-15 meters. There are three large halls in the cave. The tritium hall is located at a depth of 125 meters, where the blue underground lake is located. The water here is considered sacred, the water tastes bitterly salty. You can do ablution in the lake, the water in the lake is quite cold. To visit the cave you need a rope, 60 meters, flashlights, protective helmets for the head, special shoes. In the cave, it is necessary to observe safety precautions, be careful to look after yourself and the members of the group, help each other, do not make noise and behave decently because the cave is also a sacred place. After visiting the cave, do not forget to clean up the garbage.

Balayuk Cave on Mangyshlak Peninsula, Mangystau region -


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