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Tamshaly canyon in Mangystau region, Kazakhstan.

Travel to Tamshaly canyon from Aktau.

Tamshaly Canyon is a picturesque and natural formation. Lake Tamshaly is also located in the Tamshaly canyon. The nature is very beautiful and the place is a popular tourist destination. The canyon is 10 kilometers long, on the territory of the canyon there are ancient structures Aktam and Shiaulie.

Tamshaly canyon-how to get there.

The canyon is located in the Mangistau region in Kazakhstan. From the city of Fort Shevchenko to the canyon 30 kilometers. The Caspian Sea is located at a distance of five kilometers from the Tamshaly canyon.

Tamshaly canyon-information for tourists.

Tamshaly Canyon is famous for its waterfall and picturesque lake with crystal clear water. Here it is possible to conduct a day excursion and also stay overnight on the shore of the lake. Geologists reported that perhaps in antiquity the area dropped below sea level and therefore water began to appear from under the ground here, but this is only a theory. Also a stream (water source) is also called Tamshaly. You can get to the canyon by road and descent called Karagan.

Tamshaly canyon.


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