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Second ship on the Aral Sea, Kazakhstan.

Trip to the Second Ship on the Aral Sea.

The whole world knows the history of the ships lost on the Aral Sea. There are many factors that have contributed to this happening and many of these factors are said to be human. Now we will not go into the details of human mistakes, but will tell you about the Second Ship.

Second Ship on the Aral-how to get there.

The Second Ship, unlike the other ships, lies on its side, on the shores of the Aral Sea. Other ship remnants are already far from the retreating sea. The second ship is located in the Kyzylorda region, Aral region. From the city of Aralsk to the Second Ship 129 kilometers.

The Second Ship is information for the tourist.

There is also the First Ship, which is located at a distance of 400 meters from the Second Ship. The ship has ceased to look like a ship as time passes and iron is destroyed. From a distance it seems that there is a huge pile of rusty iron, which resembles a fallen UFO. The ship lies in the water and resembles a post-apocalyptic picture, as if something incredible happened here. It is possible to admire the ship only from the shore; it is not recommended to sail to it, as it can be life-threatening, especially to board the ship. Ships are of interest to tourists, people are interested in seeing them, soon they will not be left at all, they are slowly crumbling under the influence of natural phenomena.

GPS coordinates of the Second Ship at the Aral Sea: N46 ° 45'19.23 "E60 ° 42'32.15"

Second Ship-Aral Sea.