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Barge on the Small Aral Sea

Jeep tour to the remains of a barge on the Small Aral Sea

The barge is one of the attractions of the Small Aral Sea. When visiting the Aral Sea, be sure to watch the ships that remained on the ground when the water level in the sea dropped sharply. The barge also stayed here and is located on the shore, you can take a photo on it and walk along it. The barge is well preserved. Do not forget to follow safety measures while on the barge.

How to get there, visit

The barge is located in the Butakov Bay, Small Arles Sea, Kyzylorda region, Republic of Kazakhstan. There are also three ships on the coast. First, Second and Third. You need to navigate to the ship number three, from it to the barge along the coast 9 kilometers.
GPS coordinates of the barge on the Small Aral Sea: N46°46'33" E60°37'09"

Tourist information

The Kinderli Mountains and the Kinderli Hills, 230 meters above sea level, also serve as a local landmark. This is the maximum height in this region. The barge is located among the sands on the shore of the Aral Sea, part of it is in the water, part on the shore. On the barge you can walk and take a photo.

Barge on the Aral Sea, Kyzylorda region


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