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Small Ara Sea (North Aral) in Kyzylorda region, Kazakhstan.

Trip to the North Aral Sea (Small Aral Sea).

The North Aral Sea, Small Aral Sea, is a small northern part of the Aral Sea, divided by the former Kokaral Peninsula and the Berg Strait (via the Kokaral Dam).

Small Aral Sea - how to get there.

Former drainless salt lake in Central Asia, on the border of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. Kyzylorda Region.

Small Aral Sea-information for tourists.

There are Shevchenko, Saryshyganak, Butakov bays on the Small Aral. In the northwestern part of the sea, in the north of Shubartarauz, there are the Koktyrnak peninsulas. The coast of Kokaral is sandy, the absolute height in the central part is 161 m. The level of the dam is 40 m. The volume of water in the central part of the dam and in Shevchenko Bay will reach 21 km3, and there will be no water in the Butakov and Saryshyganak bays. Thus, the water level in the Small Aral Sea is planned to rise to 42 m. Then the water volume will reach 27 m3. For a full-fledged ecological and economic work, the volume of water in the Small Aral Sea must be at least 34 km3. In the future, it is planned to build the second and third stages of the Kokaral dam.

Small Aral Sea.