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First Ship (Ship number one), Aral Sea, Kazakhstan.

Jeep tour to the First Ship on the Aral Sea.

Ship number one, or the first, is on the Aral Sea. Making a jeep tour of the Aral Sea along the route, you will meet him first on your way. The ship is poorly preserved, but its skeleton reminds that in the place where it lies the height of the water was 15 meters. Now there is no more water here.

First ship in the Aral-how to get there.

The ship is located in the Aral region of the Kyzylorda region on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Here it is only possible to conduct a jeep tour in prepared vehicles with all the necessary equipment. The ship lies in the Butakov Bay, 130 kilometers from the city of Aralsk to the Perovoy ship.

First ship in the Aral-information for tourists.

Part of the ship was cut, long ago, parts were removed from the ship and scrapped by local residents.

GPS coordinates of the First Ship: N46 ° 45'22.35 "E60 ° 42'48.58"

First Ship on the Aral Sea.